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Heather D


Heather Smith is a New York-based freelance photographer/designer. Her love for photography began as a child, she was always sought out to be ‘the photographer’ at family functions.  She is constantly complimented on “her eye” for capturing those quirky moments. 


Her skills began to blossom when she became the photographer for her senior class yearbook and started developing her own film.  She experimented with light sources, dark scenes, and landscapes.


She continued her role as ‘the photographer’ throughout college and was rarely seen without her camera.  As a perfectionist, she’s known to search for that ‘perfect image’ and get it by any means!  Her work transcends the norm and her artistic eye places subjects in unique scenes. 


Heather began to use her father’s professional equipment (when allowed) after he noticed the passion she put into the craft.  She shot local events, graduation ceremonies, and designed spreads to advertise for developing businesses. 


Documenting her travels to Africa through film compelled her to pursue her passion full time.  Heather’s enthusiastic approach to life is captured in the images she takes and her clients are never disappointed!  She creates an energetic atmosphere and you will leave with timeless memories!

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